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SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate)

SLES (Sodium Laurel Ethanol Sulphate)




Synthetic Fragrances & Colours

No animal extracts and never tested on animals

We only use natural fragrances and colours. GM free plant extracts, essences and preservatives derived from natural sources all accredited to the highest standards by the Soil Association, the Aromatherapy Trade Council & British Herb Trade Association. Made with 88.04% Organic & 88.81% naturally derived ingredients. All packaging is recyclable. 


Henry & Co Organics is specially formulated for a dogs delicate nose and contains only premium organic natural plant extracts. Formulated for the correct PH balance of a dogs coat. Henry & Co Organic products offer Luxurious gentle cleansing and coat care for your dog from puppies to toy breeds, to itchy dogs and muddy mutts. We also offer products to pamper our human friends whether it be that little gift from your four legged friend or a treat to moisturise those petted hands.                                                                                                                                 

Henry & Co products are free from :
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