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  • How often should I wash my dog?
    Full shampoo baths are recommended usually when at the groomers, however if your dog does not attend a groomer then a monthly bath is suitable. Bathing too often can irritate the skin, damage hair follicles and increase the risk of bacteria or infection into the open pores. On the other hand, frequent bathing is a critical part of managing some medical conditions, like allergic skin problems.
  • My dog has sensitive skin, which shampoo is best to use?"
    Seek comfort in our refreshing Peppermint shampoo, infused with Peppermint leaf essential oil, to calm and cool, with Organic Oat to help heal skin irritations and replenish moisture.
  • My dog gets badly matted at times. What can I do to help this?
    All dogs need to be brushed from time to time but rather than the occasional brushing of those breeds with long hair, they may require daily brushing and use of an anti-tangling spray or diluted conditioning spray to ease the knotts out with use of a comb and slicker brush. Brushing the outter coat will make the dog look good, but may not get all the matts. The only way to assure to dog has been brushed thoroughly is to go over with a metal comb (greyhound comb) A severly matted dog is not a happy dog and in most cases the hair needs to be clipped off. Use of dematting tools can remove small matts without causing pain and stress to the dog.
  • Does Henry & Co products need diluted before use?
    Henry & Co shampoos do not need to be diluted down and should be used neatly from the bottle. It is important to keep in mind when using natural products, the synthetic preservatives are not added and when the shampoo is diluted it is reducing the natural goodness.
  • Is it ok to use Henry & Co products with other non organic products?
    It is recommended to use the shampoo alongside the conditioner and or the organic fragrance sprays. Our products contain very little preservatives and after the product is opened, if it is contaminated with other non natural products, dirty water, or suds, bacteria, fungus, virus and other agents can begin to grow inside the container over a period of time and transfer it to animals during bathing. After opening of our product its to be used within 8 months.
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